Turn your post likes into page followers..

.. by inviting people who like your posts to also like your page: The easiest way to get what we call "quality followers", meaning fans that are really interested in your brand and are more likely to engage with your contents.

Boost your page

Get more fans – continuously.

Increase Engagement

Acquire fans, that really care about your page and your contents.

Net Likes

Get more followers

Getting people to engage with your posts is hard enough. With Fanpage-Boost you can now get maximum benefits of your hard work, by simply inviting these users, that liked your posts, to also like your page.

Save money

Fanpage-Boost has the potential to increase the number of page fans without you having to spend money on advertising. Yes, you get continuously more likes – for free. The best about these potential new likes is, that they will come from people, who have already signalled interest in your page by engaging with your posts. Users who like your posts, do have a genuine interest in your contents – basic mathematics.

Post Reach

How are people liking my posts if they have not liked my page yet?

In the most cases non-fans are interacted on friends streams where they saw a post, meaning that a post has been liked, commented or shared by followers of the page, allowing it to show up in newsfeeds of their friends, who have not liked the page yet. Those friends have the opportunity to also like, comment or share these post, but they will not necessarily like the page as well. Especially users of mobile devices tend not to follow or explore the source of what they liked.

What does Fanpage-Boost do?

Fanpage-Boost will help these people to take the next step to also like your page by sending them an invitation, that will make it super easy for them to do so. We recommend doing this regularly (depending on the size of your page) in order to maximize your conversion rate. All you have to do is to log into the App, select your fanpage and tap on the start icon – that's it. The App will scan your fanpage and invite people who have liked your posts but are not following your page yet. You can sit down and relax a while – Fanpage-Boost will do all the work for you.

Where are the invited persons getting their invitations from?

People who receive an invitation to like your page, are not receiving it from your personal profile (unless they are in your friends list), but directly from your page. So you do not have to worry about remaining anonymous.

Fanpage-Boost Screen

How do I maximize my conversion rate?

  • The more recent a person has engaged with your page post, the more likely he will be to accept your invitation. That is why it will be most effective when invitations are sent soon after a person likes your content. Depending on your page size, it might be once or twice a week or even a once a day job that you can do as part of a routine in order to maximize the impacts.
  • Continue delivering valuable content, to make more people accept the invitation to like your page.

Requirements / Restrictions

  • You need a valid facebook-account, that has at least one fanpage role assigned.
  • There is a limit of invitations that can be sent by a user per day. Once that limit is reached, Fanpage-Boost will let you know. You then have the option to wait until you can invite again (usually 24 hours) or to use a different account for inviting more people. You can use as many accounts as you want, as long they have the required role assigned for your page.
  • Facebook has disabled the invite feature for some pages with more than 100,000 followers, so you may not be able to use Fanpage-Boost when your Facebook page has 100.000 or more fans.
  • Your page needs to have posts that have at least a few likes from people. Fanpage-Boost will not work for new fanpages with no posts and/or no likes. The more enaged your fanpage posts are, the better Fanpage-Boost will work.

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* Available for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)